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August 2016: Our former postdoc Dr. Maithilee Kunda was selected for the MIT TR35

May 2016: High-Speed Autonomous Driving Project presented at ICRA

May 2016: Jim gave an invited talk “Behavioral Imaging and the Analysis of Social Interactions” at ICIS 2016 in New Orleans.

March 2016: 3 papers accepted to CVPR 2016:

  • Yin Li, Manohar Paluri, James M. Rehg, and Piotr Dollar, “Unsupervised Learning of Edges” Oral Presentation
  • Liwei Wang, Yin Li, and Svetlana Lazebnik, “Learning Deep Structure-Preserving Image-Text Embeddings”
  • Abhijit Kundu, Vibhav Vineet, and Vladlen Koltun, “Feature Space Optimization for Semantic Video Segmentation” Oral Presentation

March 2016:

  • Jim co-organized a panel on Advanced Machine Learning for Healthcare at AMIA CRI 2016
  • Jim gave an invited talk at the mHealth Connect workshop at Stanford

February 2016: 3 abstracts accepted to IMFAR 2016:

  • Increased Eye Contact during Conversation Versus Play in Children and Adolescents with ASD (Session: Social Cognition and Social Behavior)
  • A Novel Method for Quantifying Eye-to-Eye Gaze during Naturalistic Social Interactions Finds Preliminary Differences Between ASD and TD Toddlers (Session: Early Development < 48 months)
  • Inhome: A Multimodal Bio-Behavioral Data Capture System for Autism Research (Session: Innovative Technologies Demonstration)

January 2016:

  • Paper accepted to ICRA: Grady Williams, Paul Drews, Brian Goldfain, James M. Rehg, and Evangelos Theodorou. “Aggressive Driving with Model Predictive Path Integral Control.” Accepted for publication in IEEE Intl. Conf. on Robotics and Automation (ICRA ’16).
  • Jim co-organized Dagstuhl Seminar 16042: Eyewear Computing — Augmenting People with Head-mounted Wearable Assistants
  • Agata Rozga, Yin Li, Ernesto Escobar, and Jim Rehg are participating in the NSF I-Corps Program (Houston cohort)

December 2015: 

  • Zhengyang Wu received Honorable Mention for the Computing Research Association’s (CRA) 2016 Outstanding Undergraduate Male Researcher Award for PhD-granting institutions
  • Yin Li is co-organizing the 4th Workshop on Egocentric Vision at CVPR 2016

November 2015: Paper accepted to NIPS:

  • Yu-Ying Liu, Fuxin Li, Shuang Li, Le Song, and James M. Rehg. “Efficient Learning of Continuous-Time Hidden Markov Models for Disease Progression.” In Proc. NIPS 2015.

September 2015: Six papers accepted at vision conferences this year:

  • Arridhana Ciptadi, and James M. Rehg, “Minimizing Human Effort in Interactive Tracking by Incremental Learning of Model Parameters,” ICCV’15
  • Chanho Kim, Fuxin Li, Arridhana Ciptadi, and James M. Rehg, “Multiple Hypothesis Tracking Revisited,” ICCV’15 Oral Presentation
  • Ahmad Humayun, Fuxin Li, James M. Rehg, “The Middle Child Problem: Revisiting Parametric Min-cut and Seeds for Object Proposals,” ICCV’15
  • Zhengyang Wu, James M. Rehg and Fuxin Li. “Robust Video Segment Proposals with Painless Occlusion Handling,” CVPR’15
  • Yin Li, Zhefan Ye and James M. Rehg, “Delving into Egocentric Actions,” CVPR’15
  • Jia Xu, Lopamudra Mukherjee, Yin Li, Jamieson Warner, James M. Rehg and Vikas Singh, “Gaze-enabled Egocentric Video Summarization via Constrained Submodular Maximization,” CVPR’15

August 2015: Three researchers from our lab have accepted faculty positions this year:

May 2015: Zhefan Ye’s Eye Contact paper won the Best Student Paper Award in FG 2015. The paper was selected from the 84 papers presented at the conference.

November 2014: Our BioGlass paper with MIT won the Best Student Paper Award in Mobihealth 2014. The paper was selected from the 120 papers presented at the conference.

October 2014: The NIH announced the results of the Centers of Excellence in Big Data-to-Knowledge (BD2K) program, including our MD2K Center:

September 2014: BioGlass project received press coverage Wired UK | New Scientist | MIT Tech Review.

September 2014: Organized The First International Workshop on Video Segmentation with Thomas Brox, Fabio Galasso, Bernt Schiele and Fuxin Li, held in conjunction with ECCV 2014.

July 2014: Maithilee Kunda received a Rising Star in EECS award.

December 2013: Organized IEEE Workshop on Decoding Subtle Cues from Social Interactions with David Forsyth and Yin Li, held in conjunction with ICCV 2013.

December 2013: Face Tracking and Eye Contact Detection Using A Single Pair of Glasses demo given by Yin Li at ICCV 2013.

December 2013: Keynote speech at the workshop on Wearable Computer Vision Systems in conjunction with ICCV 2013.

September 2013: One oral and two posters accepted for ICCV 2013.

June 2013: The Multimodal Dyadic Behavior (MMDB) dataset (multimodal behavorial recordings of toddlers) has been released.

May 2013: Alireza successfully defended his thesis. He will be starting a post-doc with Fei-Fei Li in July 2013.

April 2013: Zhefan Ye wins second place in the UROC symposium for his research on “Detecting Eye Contact Using Wearable Eye-Tracking Glasses”.

March 2013: Akshay Gupta received the runners up and honorable mention to the IEEE & Eta Kappa Nu Alton B. Zerby and Carl T. Koerner Outstanding Electrical or Computer Engineering Student Award.

Dec. 2012: Method of the Year Award from Nature Methods: Paper with Matt Crane and Hang Lu was selected as a Method to Watch for 2012.

Nov. 2012: Fuxin Li joined our group as a research scientist

Sept. 12: Organizing Committee, AAAI 2013 Spring Symposium on Weakly Supervised Learning from Multimedia, Stanford, CA

Nov. 2012: Keynote Talk at ACML 2012, Singapore

Nov. 2012: Program co-Chair, ACCV 2012, Daejeon, Korea

June 2012: Organizing Committee, Second IEEE Workshop on Egocentric Vision, Providence, RI