3x2: 3D Object Part Segmentation by 2D Semantic Correspondences

ECCV 2024
Anh Thai, Weiyao Wang, Hao Tang, Stefan Stojanov, James M. Rehg, Matt Feiszli

LEGO: Learning EGOcentric Action Frame Generation via Visual Instruction Tuning

ECCV 2024
Bolin Lai, Xiaoliang Dai, Lawrence Chen, Guan Pang, James M. Rehg, Miao Liu

Listen to Look into the Future: Audio-Visual Egocentric Gaze Anticipation

ECCV 2024
Bolin Lai, Fiona Ryan, Wenqi Jia, Miao Liu*, James M. Rehg*

MAPLM: A Real-World Large-Scale Vision-Language Dataset for Map and Traffic Scene Understanding

CVPR 2024
Xu Cao*, Tong Zhou*, Yunsheng Ma*, Wenqian Ye, Can Cui, Kun Tang, Zhipeng Cao, Kaizhao Liang, Ziran Wang, James M. Rehg, Chao Zheng

PointInfinity: Resolution-Invariant Point Diffusion Models

CVPR 2024
Zixuan Huang, Justin Johnson, Shoubhik Debnath, James M. Rehg, Chao-Yuan Wu

Ego-Exo4D: Understanding Skilled Human Activity from First- and Third-Person Perspectives

CVPR 2024 (Oral, Acceptance rate 0.8%)
Kristen Grauman et al. (including Bikram Boote, Fiona Ryan, James M. Rehg)

LaMPilot: An Open Benchmark Dataset for Autonomous Driving with Language Model Programs

CVPR 2024
Yunsheng Ma*, Can Cui*, Xu Cao*, Wenqian Ye, Peiran Liu, Juanwu Lu, Amr Abdelraouf, Rohit Gupta, Kyungtae Han, Aniket Bera, James M. Rehg, Ziran Wang

Modeling Multimodal Social Interactions: New Challenges and Baselines with Densely Aligned Representations

CVPR 2024 (Oral, Acceptance rate 0.8%)
Sangmin Lee, Bolin Lai, Fiona Ryan, Bikram Boote, James M. Rehg

RAVE: Randomized Noise Shuffling for Fast and Consistent Video Editing with Diffusion Models

CVPR 2024 (Highlight, Acceptance rate 3.6%)
Ozgur Kara*, Bariscan Kurtkaya*, Hidir Yesiltepe, James M. Rehg, Pinar Yanardag

The Audio-Visual Conversational Graph: From an Egocentric- Exocentric Perspective

CVPR 2024
Wenqi Jia, Miao Liu, Hao Jiang, Ishwarya Ananthabhotla, James M. Rehg, Vamsi Krishna Ithapu, Ruohan Gao

ZeroShape: Regression-based Zero-shot Shape Reconstruction

CVPR 2024
Zixuan Huang*, Stefan Stojanov*, Anh Thai, Varun Jampani, James M. Rehg

REBAR: Retrieval-Based Reconstruction For Time-series Contrastive Learning

ICLR 2024
Maxwell A. Xu, Alexander Moreno, Hui Wei, Benjamin M. Marlin, James M. Rehg

Low-shot Object Learning with Mutual Exclusivity Bias

NeurIPS 2023
Anh Thai, Ahmad Humayun, Stefan Stojanov, Zixuan Huang, Bikram Boote, James M. Rehg

In the Eye of Transformer: Global–Local Correlation for Egocentric Gaze Estimation and Beyond

IJCV 2023
Bolin Lai, Miao Liu, Fiona Ryan, James M. Rehg

Werewolf Among Us: A Multimodal Dataset for Modeling Persuasion Behaviors in Social Deduction Games

ACL Findings 2023
Bolin Lai, Hongxin Zhang, Miao Liu, Aryan Pariani, Fiona Ryan, Wenqi Jia, Shirley Anugrah Hayati, James M. Rehg, Diyi Yang

ShapeClipper: Scalable 3D Shape Learning from Single-View Images via Geometric and CLIP-based Consistency

CVPR 2023
Zixuan Huang, Varun Jampani, Anh Thai, Yuanzhen Li, Stefan Stojanov, James M. Rehg

Egocentric Auditory Attention Localization in Conversations

CVPR 2023
Fiona Ryan, Hao Jiang, Abhinav Shukla, James M. Rehg, Vamsi Krishna Ithapu

Explaining a machine learning decision to physicians via counterfactuals

CHIL 2023
Supriya Nagesh, Nina Mishra, Yonatan Naamad, James M. Rehg, Mehul A Shah, Alexei Wagner

Which way is ‘right’?: Uncovering limitations of Vision-and-Language Navigation models

AAMAS 2023
Meera Hahn, Amit Raj, James M. Rehg

In the Eye of Transformer: Global-Local Correlation for Egocentric Gaze Estimation

BMVC 2022 (Best Student Paper Award)
Bolin Lai, Miao Liu, Fiona Ryan, James M. Rehg