Approximate Inverse Reinforcement Learning from Vision-based Imitation Learning

arXiv preprint
Keuntaek Lee, Bogdan Vlahov, Jason Gibson, James M Rehg, Evangelos A Theodorou

Locally Weighted Regression Pseudo-Rehearsal for Adaptive Model Predictive Control

CoRL 2019
Grady R Williams, Brian Goldfain, Keuntaek Lee, Jason Gibson, James M. Rehg, Evangelos A Theodorou

Classification of Decompensated Heart Failure from Clinical and Home Ballistocardiography

IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering
Varol Burak Aydemir, Supriya Nagesh, Md Mobashir Hasan Shandhi, Joanna Fan, Liviu Klein, Mozziyar Etemadi, James Alex Heller, Omer T. Inan, James M. Rehg

Incremental Object Learning from Contiguous Views

CVPR 2019, Oral and Best Paper Finalist
Stefan Stojanov, Samarth Mishra*, Anh Thai*, Nikhil Dhanda, Ahmad Humayun, Chen Yu, Linda B. Smith, James M. Rehg

In the Eye of Beholder: Joint Learning of Gaze and Actions in First Person Video

ECCV 2018
Yin Li, Miao Liu, James M. Rehg

SyncWISE: Window Induced Shift Estimation for Synchronization of Video and Accelerometry from Wearable Sensors

IMWUT 2020
Yun C. Zhang*, Shibo Zhang*, Miao Liu, Elyse Daly, Samuel Battalio, Santosh Kumar, Bonnie Spring, James M. Rehg, Nabil Alshurafa

Watching the TV Watchers

IMWUT 2018
Yun C. Zhang, James M. Rehg